ACTIVE BCAA with Shaker Bundle
ACTIVE BCAA with Shaker Bundle

ACTIVE BCAA with Shaker Bundle

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ACTIVE BCAA with Shaker Bundle 30 servings

1x Mango 30 servings

1x Strawberry 30 servings

1x Green Apple 30 servings

1x Athlene White Shaker Bottle 600ml


ACTIVE BCAA with Shaker Bundle 60 servings

1x Mango 60 servings

1x Strawberry 60 servings

1x Green Apple 60 servings

1x Athlene White Shaker Bottle 1 Liter


*Flavors must include one of each

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery and I like the taste of mango and green apple.


Really good, taste great, and very cheap. Good bundle


It really serves the purpose and it gives me additional energy during my heavy liftings. Pure quality

Quality and affordable

I used to buy xtend bcaas, but they are more expensive at 1.5k for 30 servings, tried athlenes bcaa since it was highly recommended by my coach. And this is what I experienced:

Taste - I like my previous brand more, but this tasted good as well, if i had to rate, previous brand was 5/5 Athlene bcaa is 4/5.

Mixability - same, i didnt see any difference

Effect - I know i dont eat enough protein, but protein powders just feels to heavy on the tummy. That's why I started taking bcaas, and my recovery did greatly improved. After switching to Athlene bcaa I am experiencing the same rate of recovery!

Overall I am very satisfied with Athlene bcaas, at 1,700 pesos, I get 3 different flavors at 30 servings each! I can say quality is the same with more expensive brands since I'm experiencing the same effect! You also get an all white super cute shaker bottle with the bundle, and they won't charge you extra for shipping and credit card payments! Great job Athlene! I'll definitely recommend this to all my friends!

Awesomely delicious..

Orderded this set to try all 3 flavors(plus 5lbs whey and liquid chalk) And to my surprise, I like all three flavors.. affordable and fast delivery.. kudos Athlene Nutrition.. till my next transactions.