ACTIVE Whey Protein FAQs

What is ACTIVE Whey Protein?

ACTIVE Whey Protein is an ultra-premium whey protein powder with a very clean profile, composed of only 5 ingredients. Each serving is packed with 24g of protein with an outstanding amino acid profile rich in BCAAs and glutamic acid.

Is ACTIVE Whey Protein for me?

ACTIVE whey protein is for anyone who wants to support their dietary intake with additional high quality protein. This can be important for active individuals who are trying to lose fat, build lean muscle, or even do a little of both.

How much ACTIVE Whey Protein should I take?

Protein requirements vary from each individual but a good rule of thumb followed by athletes is 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. With a typical Filipino diet composed mainly of white rice and fatty portions of meat, you can see how protein intake can suffer. As a rough guide, we recommend 2 – 4 servings of ACTIVE Whey Protein to promote lean muscle growth.

When should I take ACTIVE Whey Protein?

The best time to consume ACTIVE Whey Protein is within 45 minutes before and/or after your workout.

Alternatively can also be taken as a low calorie high protein snack throughout the day to help curb appetite or achieve protein requirement.

If taken before bed ACTIVE Whey Protein can be mixed with milk to slow down absorption.

What is amino acid spiking?

Complete proteins are comprised of nine amino acids that the body can’t make itself, and we need complete proteins to recover and build muscle.

Adding cheap amino acids like glycine and taurine will inflate the nitrogen content of a product, making it look like it has more protein than it does.

(For example a protein shake with 30g of protein in the label but with 3g of taurine might actually only have 27g of real and complete protein.)

If you see l-glycine, l-taurine, glutamine or any other amino acid listed in the ingredients list of your protein powder, it should raise a massive red flag, and in our opinion the product should be avoided.

(Sometimes companies try to hide these added amino acids by marketing them with attractive names such as “muscle recovery matrix”, “amino acid recovery blend”, “performance blend” etc. so always read the label.)