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Thanks for fast delivery.. Green apple and strawberry is the best. All time favorite 👌

Choco Hazelnut

Delivery time 10/10
Taste 10/10
Overall 10/10

Creatine monohydrate

Been using this for 2 years now. :)

Active whey isolate strawberry milkshake

I super love the flavor. I think it tastes best when you use a blender.

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Simple yet stand out. It has so many small little details that is improved. First the print, it is not like the other shakers that easily fades. The bottom part is circular, therefore no powder is sticking inside, it is not hard to reach. The cap is more sturdy than the others, it has different style. The rubber in the cap has also different style it looks so premium it is like embedded or something. It is grip friendly. You can carry it anywhere and not be embarrassed by carrying a water bottle. When you used it in bcaa’s it has this look that adds more thirst in your throat. The measuring numbers are embedded smoothly. You can use it to drink with or without the lid since it has smooth edge, you will never hurt your tiny delicate lips. The transparent look is so slick, though the only downside for me is that it is not that scratch resistant. But what do you expect? For less than 500 peso shaker, this athlene premium shaker will always be your gym buddy.


Man I love the vanilla flavor. Cheaper compared to other brands. I'd go for this any day ❤️


Unexpected fast transaction with Athlene and I'm so happy that I received it before monday so I can start my workout routine. I ordered butterscotch and the taste is really great. Till my next purchase ✨

Excellent Product

Quality Product , affordable and good taste and i dont feel bloated like other supplements

Fast delivery and good product

Fast delivery and good product

Fast delivery and good product


Second time ko na to, sarap ng Green Apple and Strawberry, di nko sanay mag workout ng walang BCAA, parang pag water lang di ko na satisfied :)


First time ko gumamit ng Isolate, mas less bloated feeling ko dito compared sa Whey ng Athlene, Solid din yung Vanilla Latte at Strawberry Milkshake flavor. na notice ko lang masyadong ma bubbles ang Isolate compared sa Whey, so need ko mag add ng water para masimot ko sya, no problem naman medyo matabang n lng pag sisimutin mo sya :). so far so good!


Second order ko na ito jan 11 jan 13 dumating na agad, quality 👌Order ulit pag na ubos. Power up! 💪

Catered my request 👌

Thanks athlene for sending me the white bottle as requested. Can’t wait to try the strawberry and peach. Tried the green apple and mango before and I liked the green apple tbh, but both tastes good. Always quality products athlene. Thanks for the quick and secured delivery. Solid! 🤙🏼


10 star if meron sobrang lasa ng bcaa and yun whey iso sobrang solid di nakakagutom pag ininum mo and very responsive thank you so much order ulit pag ubus na

5 star

10 star if meron sobrang lasa ng bcaa and yun whey iso sobrang solid di nakakagutom pag ininum mo and very responsive thank you so much order ulit pag ubus na


Shipped all items complete and on time. Really happy with my purchase. Thanks Athlene!


Great product, great taste at compare sa ibang brand mas affordable sya and may free shaker pa, sana lang ibalik ulit nila yung different colors ng shaker not just plain white but thanks anyways more power


Lol haha

Premium as it is

Compare to other Athlene regular shaker this is superb, fab, more elegant looking shaker and earning points is a dream come true to have it finally. Excited to use it in or out of the gym. Keep improving Athlene

Whey Protein and Creatine Monohydrate

Affordable and nicely/carefully packed. Delivered on time.

I bought Buko Pandan and I like the taste. It's a new flavor to enjoy before/after workout since I'am used to vanilla and chocolate. Thanks! this is my first time ordering from Athlene and definitely will not be my last! will try other flavors too. hehe

Not bad

All good.

Best Whey in the Philippine Market

Worth the price, quality ingredients.