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As efficient as my previous brand, but cheaper. Only downside I see is the bitter aftertaste (really strong). They said it’s the sucralose, but I didn’t experience it with other brands.

ACTIVE Creatine Monohydrate

In just 1 week of use I can already see results. I ordered night time and it arrived the next day at noon. That was fast. Thanks Athlene!

Sucralose in Active BCAA 30g Servings

I want to know the detail of the sweeteners and how much sucralose does the product contain? Please help. Thanks.

ACTIVE Creatine Monohydrate
Rafael Salandanan
Super micronized AF!

This is superb specially it’s mixability. Super buget friendly also!

Kelan po magkakaroon Ng bagong stock po?

One of the Best

Fast delivery and thank you for the freebies! Thank you, Athlene!

ACTIVE Whey Protein 1lb
Alvin Lloyd Paguila
Choco Hazelnut

Taste Good and affordable product. Very very fast delivery, 1 day order and delivery.

Strawberry Milkshake

Great flavor, which you can actually enhance with fresh or frozen strawberries

Couldn't help but notice how much heavier I can lift during my workouts

I really love this product. Best quality.

ACTIVE Whey Protein 1lb
Lanz Christian Buyao
Great product!

Been ordering since 2021 and never deviated ever since!

Sold out

Kailan Po uli Meron stock kayo nito naubusan Po kasi ako

Nice bilis ng shipping

Efficient Delivery

Athelene was quick to deliver my lean mass gainer the day after I ordered it. It was so efficient and hassle free.

Solid atlene

Magnda ang pagka balot, quality products at mabilis ang delivery 💪💪

Fast delivery, delicious flavour

It was always an easy transaction and ordering thru the site. Next day delivery and I love that they accept COD. Strawberry milkshake flavour is now my favourite.


Same as always, great and affordable product. Fast delivery now compared to a couple of years ago. Thank you.

Highly recommend

Great taste, best for intra-workout!

This gives me lean mass, I was 75kgs before but now I'm 69kgs, less fat more on mass. And it tastes so Good, I got the strawberry one. I think I might try the chocolate.

My go to

Now my source of this affordable yet essential supplement for muscle gains and brain development.

Hope to see more bundles in the future. Keep it. Up!


Elegant - fast shipping and thank you for free voucher

First time user

First time user - Hope this will help me get better results
fast shipping and affordable


Affordable - fast shipping


Ordered last Wednesday, 30 November 2022.
Caramel Macchiato - 5/5 coffee taste. Best served chilled.
Butterscotch - 3/5 taste. Kind of bland for my taste, even when served chilled.
BCAA.PM - More on pineapple aftertaste than mango. It is best served chilled. Results definitely shows during workouts, there is an added boost of energy, post workout also has lessened soreness compared to just normal water.
Bubblegum - Aesthetically cool! Has that 80s-90s retro vibe colorway.

Thanks Athlene! +keychain too.

Hoping for more colors

Ordered last Monday, 28 November 2022.
There is some excess threads on the inside linings. Redeemed it using their rewards point system. I forgot to redeem and claim the voucher after placing an order. Contacted Athlene via messenger and true to their words, they've acknowledged my request to include this on my order. Thanks much Athlene!