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I love it!

Spill proof and it's design made me satisfied and happy with it.

Would be a shame not to have it!

Having whey protein shake as a part of your diet, really is a cost-efficient way to reach your daily protein and caloric goals. And it would be a shame not to grab Athlene's deals on their products. Package is well delivered, and the packaging of the whey itself is superb as well! (Smart too. I like how your designer went with a standard brand package, and incorporated stickers to label them accordingly.) Anyway, this is probably one of the best in the market. Highly recommended!

Shipper screwed up the order but Athlene was quick to follow through. 5/5

Spill-proof shaker. A must-have item.

Thank you athlene
Affordable price

Premium Protein for the Masses

Been using it for months now, I bought this as a replacement for Gold Whey protein. The taste is superb for Vanilla+Milk, and not so with Chocolate (though I think it's best to combine it with swiss miss choco or others). In terms of the nutrition it provides, can't say for sure as I think you need to have your blood taken if you're the curious scientist type of human 🤔. Nevertheless, I think it's working since I use this as a quick breakfast when I'm about to be late for work - and it took a while for me to be hungry upon taking it.

Very Good!

Does it job verywell

Worth it! 👌🏻

Best Value

Fast Transaction, ang bilis dumating ng product. Taste Great and Good Quality.


Works as advertised. I mix it with BCAA for potential energy and it is very effective.

Very Effective

Taste is good with strawberry and it mixes well. Very effective from the first time I used which I mixed with their creatine. Works as advertised as it relieves muscle fatigue and soreness.

Great product!

Happy with the taste and consistency. Easily mixes with water and milk. Looking forward to significant results which I didn't notice with other mass gainers.

Effective and budget friendly

Well.. What can I say? This product does its job extremely well. I always had this soreness in my body as I do BodyPump with BodyCombat 4x-5x a week. After I started drinking this, I never felt any better! I no longer feel like having to crawl when I go home and when waking up because of soreness. That's how great Athlene's BCAA is. The only thing I hate is the Mango Flavor. It has this metallic taste when drinking and it lingers for quite some time which I never tasted with the Apple one. So buyers beware. Hope you can improve its flavor.

Cheap but quality producr

Great product!


very comfortable and easy to handle. the bottle is also durable.


walang lasang gamot. parang juice lang.

From Whey to Mass

Started to take this Active Lean Mass Gainer.. Already consume 1 bag of whey protein from Athlene, and now trying this mass gainer to gain lean muscle mass. can't wait to see result..

Taste it! Try it!

The chocolate whey is just right, not too sweet. It's perfect for a protein shake, take it with milk, or just add water.


Not being OA or anything, but I can honestly say I was surprised when I don't feel any muscle soreness the next day of a brutal workout, especially after leg day. Usually I feel like I've been hit by a truck, but whenever I drink this during my workouts, the recovery is REAL.


The courier may have dropped the box kasi pagopen ko sa box kasi the middle part was torn apart at may whey na na lumabas. Kelangan ko na siyang itransfer sa ibang lalagyan kasi may butas na :(


Nice creatine, I love mixing it with my whey protien.


Awesome whey protien supplement, especially the vanilla flavor.

Love this product

I can definitely see the my muscles are more defined now.

Affordable supplement

Finally found a bcaa that is very affordable yet quality product.
Basic amount of 5g bcaa 2:1:1
Suitable for beginners and for maintenance. Tip: mix with chia seeds and lemon (for apple & strawberry) for more enjoyable drink.